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The Problem

Women are not represented in car crash testing, and it is killing us.

The Department of Transportation’s car crash safety standard, the New Car Assessment Program, does not test vehicles with a representative female dummy.

Car with arrows pointing to the rear and passenger seats

The “female dummy” they do use is only tested in the rear and passenger seats.

Even worse, this “female dummy” doesn’t really represent women at all. The Hybrid III 5th:

Hybrid III 5th with tear emoji
  • Has the internal structure of someone assigned male at birth.
  • Is four feet and eleven inches tall, and weighs 108 pounds.
  • Is never tested in the driver's seat
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Because of this gendered discrimination, women are 73% more likely to be injured, and 17% more likely to be killed than men in the same FRONTAL crash.

1,300 women are preventably killed 466,000 more are preventably injured

The Solution

Educate and mobilize gen z for equal use of the Thor 5th female dummy in crash testing.

Thor 5F, the Female Crash Test Dummy:

Thor 5F crash test dummy, framed with hearts and flowers
  • Twice as many sensors as Hybrid III 5th
  • Modeled after the body of a person assigned female at birth
  • Approved by the Department of Transportation in November, 2022
  • According to the Department of Transportation, will never be tested equally as the male dummy

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