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Car Crash

How modern female crash test dummies could save lives

March 25, 2024

Women are more likely to be seriously injured in a crash and experts say crash test dummies designed with only the male body in mind could be part of the problem.

NHTSA Response to Ms. Kuhn and Cosigners

January 16, 2024

Dear Ms. Kuhn:

Thank you for your letter expressing concern regarding gender-based disparity in vehicle crash safety and the rulemaking to incorporate the advanced 5th percentile female crash test dummy (THOR-05F) in federal regulations. Your letter was forwarded to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for response. We appreciate this opportunity to provide information on NHTSA’s efforts to update its crash test dummies to the most technologically advanced models available.

Make Women Safer Behind the Wheel

December 20, 2023

I was struck like being blindsided by a car pulling out nowhere when I read an article in my alma mater’s magazine about the fact that U.S. auto crash-test standards are tailored to men’s bodies.

The piece talked about a female graduate, severely injured in a 2019 crash along with her mother in the back seat of a rental car while her father and brother were unharmed in the front seat, learning sometime later that crash-test dummies are based on an average man’s body. That body shape has led to decades of auto-safety design being based on how men are affected in crashes but not women.

Olympian, Activists, Transportation & Design Leaders, Crash Victims, Call on Department of Transportation Secretary Buttigieg to Make Cars Safe for Women

December 15, 2023

In a letter to Secretary Buttigieg, supporters express their deep disappointment in the delay, and “encourage [NHTSA] to take action to end the fatal gender-based disparity in car crash safety testing standards before September 2024.”

“As proven by decades of studies by the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Government Accountability Office (GAO), universities, and more, current government crash safety testing standards are inadequate and dangerous,” the letter writes.

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