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Countersteer: Empowering Youth Through Mobility Safety

December 9, 2023

Join NSC on December 8 for an exciting session of Countersteer, our webinar series on emerging mobility topics. Hear from five youth safety leaders on the unique mobility challenges facing our youth in the U.S. today and the changes that can help save young lives on and around our roads.

Talk of Fame Podcast with Maria Weston Kuhn

December 8, 2023

On a new episode of the Talk of Fame Podcast, we got to chat with Maria Weston Kuhn! Maria is the Founder of Drive US Forward, which is a non-profit working to end gender discrimination in transportation. They raise public awareness, empower young people, amplify survivors, and mobilize grassroots support for systemic change.

Fasten Your Seatbelts: A Female Car Crash Test Dummy Represents Average Women For The First Time In 60+ Years

October 10, 2023

Once every six minutes: the U.S Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report showed that there was about one car crash every six minutes in the United States in 2020 (the latest year the data is available). Put another way, there are about 14,386 accidents per day and 5,250,873 police-reported car accidents per year – and women are at a greater risk for being injured or killed in those car accidents than men are.

The Real Reason Why Cars Are More Dangerous for Women

August 23, 2023

Maria Weston Kuhn ’23CC had a truly terrifying experience on what should have been a perfect family getaway. While traveling in Ireland in December 2019, she survived a head-on collision when a distracted driver veered into the wrong lane on a country road. Her father and brother, sitting in the front of the rental car, were unharmed, while Kuhn and her mother, sitting in the back, suffered severe injuries. “My small intestine was ruptured by my seatbelt, and I required emergency surgery,” says Kuhn, who, after returning home to Maine, was forced to miss a semester of college. “I found out later that our injuries were not unique. Crashes affect women differently because car safety standards are tailored to men. It’s a form of gender discrimination that injures and kills thousands of women each year.”

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